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At any time, talents are very important. Whether in the past, present or future, talents are the driving force for innovation for all units and an enterprise, and are the cornerstone and fundamental of the survival of an enterprise.
As our company, according to the current state of the enterprise, we recruit two types of talents, one is cad drafting talents, and the other is sales talents with marketing capabilities. We need the relevant talents in the mechanical field of drafting to be able to master the majors in industrial automation of drafting electrical micromechanics and industrial robots. I asked him to come here to measure the drawings of my woodworking machinery and upgrade the degree of automation.

The sales talents recruited by enterprises are mainly used as sales offices in the country's major offices throughout the country to develop local sales markets. As a sales manager, you must have both Tangtang's expectations and sincerity, as well as sales skills and professional woodworking machinery knowledge. Especially for woodworking band saw machines, you must have a certain understanding of male and female sports cars and band saw operation and sales. Talents You can first go to the headquarters of the enterprise for a half-month training on woodworking band saw machines, structural performance, and understanding, including after-sales maintenance. We have professional repairmen to follow you.

The task you are facing is to have in-depth communication with local garden companies and furniture factories, because only they need to cut and process the logs, and only use woodworking band saws and saws. According to the size of the company, determine.

He wants to sell the size and model of the product, and then find the relevant personnel, especially the sales manager. For small-scale companies, it is sufficient to directly contact the factory manager or the boss for the procurement related to the private enterprise, because they have the right to decide. The private enterprise does not exist. But in this age of the Internet, there is a certain skill for the explosion of products. According to the habits of the business owner, whether he wants good quality or cheap, high cost performance, or good after sales service. , Master our sales skills according to his habits.
Of course, joining us for the sale of products, the treatment is also very good, first of all we have a basic salary, plus sales commission, and then there are year-end awards, plus the benefits given by the company, such as more than 20 million sales You can go to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Malaysia for a return trip or related treatment. As long as you have the ability to join us, we will definitely give you a bigger stage and better treatment.

"People-oriented" is the core concept of our company's human resources management. We emphasize that employees are the most important resources of the company. Trusting employees, respecting them, relying on them, placing them in the main position of management, inspiring their vitality and innovative spirit, and realizing the comprehensive and free development of employees, so that The goals are consistent with the employees' development goals.

Knowledge workers are the focus of our human resources management. Knowledge-based employees are those who master the use of symbols and concepts, and use knowledge and information. They create, support, and develop the enterprise. They are the owners of the enterprise. In management, we pay more attention to cultivate their sense of responsibility and team belonging. Strengthen the cohesion of the enterprise and realize the sustainable development of the company and its employees.

Knowledge management is the central task of our human resources management. Knowledge management requires employees to share the knowledge they have. We strongly encourage employees to learn, advocate the exchange and sharing of knowledge, and advocate an innovative corporate culture atmosphere, so that the value of each craftsman can be affirmed, creativity recognized, and innovative ideas or suggestions. Fully respected and communicated, employees actively contribute to the development of the enterprise, so that the overall wisdom of the enterprise is enhanced, and the market-oriented innovation ability is improved.

Flexible management is an important form of our human resource management. We use the organization's common values and business philosophy, rely on common beliefs, and interact with the mind to conduct flexible management, create a relaxed environment and a non-intervention atmosphere for employees, give him more authorization, and let them become masters of work and inspire Their creative desires maximize their potential and talents.

Performance management is the main content of our human resources management. We formulate performance management plans, do a good job of management and support, formulate assessment and evaluation systems, institutionalize incentive mechanisms, strengthen training and other measures to allow employees to participate in corporate management and achieve the purpose of implementing open and open human resource management, that is, Those who are capable, those who are poor, those who are inferior are eliminated.

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